Health insurance is simply a kind of insurance policy which covers medical, surgical, dental, prescription and even accident medication and at times hospitalization expenses incurred by the covered person. Health insurance would also reimburse the covered individual for medical expenses, surgery, or hospitalization costs or cover the physician directly. Health insurance in India is a complicated affair, as different states have set up their own set of rules and regulation governing it. Health insurance has become a necessity for the citizens of many countries today as well.

Every Indian citizen has the right to purchase health insurance on the basis of his savings or salary. However, there are various schemes available and one needs to purchase health insurance as per the stipulated norms and regulations of the state where he lives. The government also regulates the supply of health insurance plans. Most of the states of India have their own set of laws and rules governing health insurance plans and health insurance providers. Hence, the buyer of health insurance should be well aware of the laws of the state in which he buys a health insurance policy from.

Health insurance plans in India can either be purchased from the market or through the schemes managed by the state. Health insurance plans offered by the state can either be purchased from the central pool of funds or from the state. However, most of the states offer a choice to the buyer to buy insurance plans either through the schemes managed by the state or through the market. There are some states that completely control the sale of health insurance plans and provide for the insurance buyers to buy plans of their own choice. Some states have also passed the care act which regulates the sale of health insurance plans more comprehensively.

There are various schemes of health insurance available in India. One of them is the national health insurance scheme, which is offered by all the states of India. The national health insurance plan is designed exclusively for the senior citizens of India. In this scheme, the buyer of insurance must pay a premium to the insurance company on an annual basis. The premium amount will be accordingly computed and the amount must be paid before the insurance company pays the benefits.

Another type of health insurance plans is the premium group insurance plan. The premium amount of this plan is less and there are no restrictions on its usage. This plan provides the option to choose among different health insurance plans available. The insurance provided under this scheme may not be as extensive as the health insurance schemes provided by the national health insurance scheme. This type of insurance plan is mainly useful for those people who can not afford to pay a huge amount for health insurance. However, this is not applicable for the people above the age of 65 years.

The insurance companies offer the health insurance plans on the basis of the medical history of the individuals. This includes information like whether a person has visited a doctor in the last five years or not. The other details like the sex, occupation, age and family status of the person are also taken into consideration by the insurance companies. The companies may also consider the presence of Dependent Parents in the family and the age when the first Insurance policy was taken out.

The national health insurance schemes provide a wide coverage to almost all the medical expenses and do not discriminate on the grounds of gender, age, profession, or location. Almost all the health insurance companies provide emergency as well as maternity cover. The maternity benefit covers the maternity expenses up to the date of delivery. Emergency health insurance plans are also available with the companies.

A person can get a list of the health insurance plans from the local insurance agent or through the Internet. There are many online agents who offer health insurance quotes. All one has to do is submit a few personal details and the insurance companies shall inform you the plan that suits your requirements. Health care is something very important and if anyone is unable to pay for it, then he should at least be assured of getting some financial help from the insurance companies.

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